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Anchor Law Firm represent clients who require legal services in the areas of bankruptcy, credit reporting, defective products and more. Anchor provides exceptional legal representation designed to protect all of your rights under the law. Aggressive legal services are often required when dealing with complex cases or litigation that involves large companies.

Consumer Protection Law

Laws designed to protect consumers cover a large range of activities. This includes business activities that affect public safety, and it also includes fraudulent practices as well. The regulations that affect consumer protection standards often change over time, so it is important to work with an experienced attorney who is dedicated to staying informed about the latest changes and trends in the area of consumer protection law.

Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, FDCPA

This law is intended to protect consumers from unfair practices by debt collection agencies, lenders and other financial institutions. Consumers often take out predatory loans by financial agencies who seek to exploit the high interest rates that often accompany sub-prime loans. This area of the law provides an avenue of redress for people who believe that they were abused by a lender.

Fair Credit Reporting Act, FCRA

This law is considered by many to be a piece of legislation that forms the principles of a comprehensive consumer-rights legal framework. Credit reports can affect a person’s quality of life, and any bad marks on this report can limit the individual’s ability to gain access to housing, higher education and employment. However, removing unfair or inaccurate details from your credit report can be difficult unless you have a competent legal representative to advocate on your behalf.

Bankruptcy Law

There are different kinds of debts, and each type is handled in a different way under the Bankruptcy Code of the United States. For example, consumer bankruptcy is often handled under Chapter 13 or Chapter 7. To succeed in filing a bankruptcy petition, it may be necessary to employ the services of a qualified attorney. Contact our offices today