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Mike P.

“My wife and I have encountered some difficulty in the past getting answers to questions and finding clarity. The agent I spoke with today lifted all the fog and we are both immensely appreciative! He was both knowledgeable, friendly, and patient. I regret I do not recall his name, but he took the time to answer each of the many questions I had, and dispelled a lot of confusion and wariness my wife and I had been feeling at this point in our debt repayment program. Thank you again!”

John T.

“Anchor Law Firm is exceptional. I’ve been in the program just over two years and they have helped me every step of the way. I have had positive professional feedback, advice and guidance from the team at Anchor. I have settled on multiple credit card accounts and received all my settlement letters and paperwork. This firm is great. I highly recommend that you consider using this firm if you want to consolidate your credit card debt. Extremely diverse in all aspects of the steps needed to get you a great end result with the credit card companies. They are doing an awesome job with my account so far! 5 Stars”


“What can I say? Anchor Law Firm helped me get out of debit, with a payment plan I could afford. The customer service was outstanding! They were always willing to help me. It is embarrassing that I let my credit card debt get so bad, but they never judge me and really did want to help me get out of debt. I thank them for that!”

Deana P.

“The customer service person that I spoke to, Paris, was excellent and provided amazing customer service. I explained my issue, she put me on a brief hold and came back and told me that we could handle the issue. She was very polite and courteous as well as well spoken. I enjoyed my conversation with her as she was very professional!”

Anita W.

“After more than a month off due to illness and a set of broken toes I was at a loss. Still not able to go back to work yet I was really worried about my next payment, so I had to call in and tell them my problem and talked to Paris. I told her my problem and she helped me relax and was able to stop worrying. Thanks for all the great work.”